Carare Research Group

About the Carare Research Group

Professor Roxana Carare and Professor Roy O Weller established the Carare Group in 2008 at the University of Southampton. The aim was to elucidate the significance of cerebral Amyloid Beta clearance to age related pathological conditions such as Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy and Alzheimer’s Disease. We are internationally recognised for defining the exact pathway from which Amyloid Beta and other solutes are cleared from the brain along cerebral basement membranes. We now aim to clarify the exact factors that are responsible for efficient drainage along basement membranes of capillaries and arteries in order to identify new therapeutic targets.

We are a diverse group employing scientists from specialities such as Electron Microscopy, Proteomics, Tissue culture, and immunohistochemistry as well as facilitating advancement in education in the form of Masters and PHD studentships. We regularly coordinate and manage research projects for undergraduate students and collaborate internationally with other research institutions and several industry partners.

Dementia Prevention:

Clearing Plaques, New Drugs and Pregnancy

Why does Alzheimer’s happen to some, but not others? We know that certain factors like genetics and lifestyle are at play, but sometimes dementia strikes even when you think you’ve done everything you could to prevent it. Prof Roxana Carare speaks to the independent news and community platform being patient about how we may be able to clear the protein plaques in people who are developing Alzheimer’s, the new drugs coming out that may be able to stop its expansion across the brain, and how the most effective prevention might happen before birth.

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