• Stroke Association Priority Programme Award (vascular dementia) – “Failure of drainage of fluid from the brain along the walls of blood vessels in vascular dementia”. £245,198.00


  • Rosetrees Trust Project grant – “The effect of maternal high fat on the clearance of interstitial fluid from the brain”. £25,000.


  • BBSRC CASE PhD Studentship with Kirkstall Ltd – “Development of an in vitro perivascular clearance system”.
  • Biogen Ltd Project grant – “Determining the pattern of distribution of small molecules in the CSF”. £60,000.


  • Biogen Ltd PhD studentship – “The connections between CSF and ISF compartments of the brain”. £75,000.
  • ARUK Equipment Grant – Leica Confocal SP8. £100,000.


  • BBSRC Project grant – “Lymphatic drainage of ageing brains”. £600,000.
  • RoseTrees Trust project grant – “Changes in the perivascular pathways for the elimination of amyloid from the ageing brains. Implications for new therapeutic strategies in Alzheimer’s Disease”. £24,000.
  • Alzheimer’s Research UK, Network Cooperation Grant – “Age-related proteomic changes in the basement membranes of human brains”. £66,000.


  • ARUK Project grant – Dr Cheryl Hawkes – “Interaction of systemic and central apolipoproteins in the pathogenesis and treatment of cerebral amyloid angiopathy”. £264,589.
  • Kirby Laing Trust Project grant – “The capacity of the perivascular drainage pathway”. £30,000.
  • Age UK PhD studentship – “Defining the failure of elimination of Aß from the brain in the search for a robust therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease”. £74,250.
  • British Sasakawa Foundation Pilot grant – Developing academic relations with University of Kyoto, Japan – “Testing the perivascular drainage of Abeta in a model of hypoperfusion”. £2500.
  • EPSRC Bridging the Gap Pilot grant – “Using molecular force spectroscopy to assess the interactions between Abeta and basement membranes”. £15,000.


  • ARUK Cooperation Grant – Universities of Southampton (Carare R.O), Newcastle (Kalaria R, Attems J) and Kings College London (Ward M): “Age-related changes in the basement membranes of cerebral blood vessels: implications for Alzheimer’s disease”. £99,980


  • University of Southampton- Research Management Committee of the School of Medicine for the project entitled “Impeding the elimination of extracellular fluid and solutes from the brain: An experimental model to study the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease”. £20,000.
  • ART Fellowship Grant “Drainage failure of fluid and solutes from the brain in Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy: A prelude to Alzheimer’s disease”. £137,188.