current and past research grants

The Carare Group has received over £3 million in funding from well-established UK, European and American grant programs, by collaboration with industry partners including United Neurosciences, Biogen, Codiak Biosciences and Yumanity and by donations made by the public.

We are extremely grateful to all our funders!

Z Codiak Biosciences

Z Vaxxinity

Z Yumanity

Z Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Z Alcyone Therapeutics

Z Biogen Ltd

Z Royal Society

Z Medical Research Council

Z Stroke Association

Z National Institute of Health

Z Horizon 2020

Z Protea Biosciences

Z Japan Society of Science

Z Rosetrees Trust



Z Alzheimer’s Research UK

Z Invicro Ltd


^ Alzheimer’s Society: TIMP-3 Proteinopathy: A Novel Mechanism in Age-Associated Neurodegenerative Diseases – fellowship to Dr Jennifer Dewing. £218,099.86


^ Fondation Leducq: A Translational Approach Towards Understanding Brain Waste Clearance in Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy. 8 million USD. Southampton component: 984,889 USD

^ Romania’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan. Intramural cells as biomarkers and therapeutic targets for Alzheimer’s disease. EUR1.4million

^ Foundry Engineering, USA. HERV-K in neurological diseases £93,000

^ PhD Studentship Hashemite University, Jordan. Connections between the brain and the nose £100,000


^ NIH” Perlecan Domain V as a therapeutic VCID strategy for the clearance of amyloid beta from the brain in cerebral amyloid angiopathy”, £ 76,645 (Co-PI)


^ Codiak funded project “Exosomes in neurological diseases” £373,727

^ Alzheimer’s Research UK – Co-PI “Targeting perivascular innervation and vascular tone for improved clearance of ß-amyloid from the brain“. £88,440

^ VAXXINITY, “Effects of anti-tau immunization” £185,000

^ ALCYONE, “Patterns of distribution of AAV9” £142,335

^ PCE Romania- Clusterin as a therapeutic agent in Alzheimer’s disease 249,635 EUR


^ Bright Focus (USA- award with Michigan State University) Noradrenergic regulation of amyloid clearance in AD. Total $285,000 . Southampton award: £109,647

^ Alzheimer’s Association (USA): Targeting cerebral smooth muscle cell mitochondria in Alzheimer’s disease $44,583



^ Japan Society of Science fellowship to Dr Satoshi Saito –  “Clusterin is a key molecule that improves intramural periarterial drainage“. £140,000

^Horizon 2020 TUBE-LC-MG-2018 – “Transport derived ultrafines and their brain effects“. £239,039     More info

^ Royal Society – “Lysyl oxidase (LOX) as a facilitator of intramural periarterial drainage of the brain“. £24,000


^ United Neuroscience project grant – “New immunisation strategies for Alzheimer’s disease“.£250,000

^ Medical Research Council UK & United Neurosciences  “Investigating immunisation strategies for the treatment of alpha synucleinopathies“.  £70,000


^ Medical Research Council UK & United Neurosciences  “Immunisation in alpha synucleinopathies“.  £70,000

^ Stroke Association Priority Programme Award (vascular dementia) – “Failure of drainage of fluid from the brain along the walls of blood vessels in vascular dementia“. £245,198.00

^ National Institute of Health, award to Binghamton, Cornell and Southampton Universities – “Interdisciplinary assessment of intramural periarterial drainage“. £51,700 (Southampton component)


^ Rosetrees Trust Project grant – “The effect of maternal high fat on the clearance of interstitial fluid from the brain“. £25,000

^ British Neuropathological Society – “Aquaporin in white matter abnormalities“. £15,000


^ BBSRC CASE PhD Studentship with Kirkstall Ltd – “Development of an in vitro perivascular clearance system“. £95,042

^ Alzheimer’s Research UK – Co-PI – “Targeting perivascular innervation and vascular tone for improved clearance of ß-amyloid from the brain“. £88,440

^ Biogen Ltd Project grant – “Determining the pattern of distribution of small molecules in the CSF“.  £60,000

^ Alzheimer’s Research UK Equipment Grant – co-applicant- Nano-Zoomer XR. £100,000


^ Biogen Ltd PhD studentship – “The connections between CSF and ISF compartments of the brain“. £75,000

^ Alzheimer’s Research UK Equipment Grant – Leica Confocal SP8. £100,000

^ Protea Biosciences – “Biomolecular imaging in offspring of maternal high fat“. £10,000

^ Invicro Ltd – “Age-related proteomic changes in the basement membranes of human brains“. £66,000

^ Invicro Ltd – “Study of the pattern of intracerebral distribution of small molecules“. £66,870


^ BBSRC Project grant – “Lymphatic drainage of ageing brains“. £600,000

^ RoseTrees Trust project grant – “Changes in the perivascular pathways for the elimination of amyloid from the ageing brains. Implications for new therapeutic strategies in Alzheimer’s Disease“. £24,000

^ Alzheimer’s Research UK, Network Cooperation Grant – “Age-related proteomic changes in the basement membranes of human brains“. £66,000

^ kirby Laing Foundation – “Epigenetic changes in offspring of maternal high fat“. £30,000


^ ARUK Cooperation Grant – Universities of Southampton (Carare R.O), Newcastle (Kalaria R, Attems J) and Kings College London (Ward M): “Age-related changes in the basement membranes of cerebral blood vessels: implications for Alzheimer’s disease“. £99,980


^ University of Southampton – Research Management Committee of the School of Medicine for the project entitled “Impeding the elimination of extracellular fluid and solutes from the brain: An experimental model to study the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease“. £20,000

^ ART Fellowship Grant – “Drainage failure of fluid and solutes from the brain in Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy: A prelude to Alzheimer’s disease“. £137,188