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The Carare Group consists of experts in anatomy and physiology, neuropathology, experimental neurosurgery, advanced imaging and immunohistochemistry.

The team regularly collaborates with clinicians and other universities both locally and internationally and has several well established European and American grant programs. The Carare Group also works closely with several Key industry partners including United Neurosciences, Biogen, Codiak Biosciences and Yumanity.

Current members:

Professor Roxana Carare


Roxana Carare is a medically qualified Professor of Clinical Neuroanatomy and experimental neuropathology in the University of Southampton.

Dr Louise Kelly


Investigating the role of air pollution in the progression of Neurological diseases.

Dr Christopher Brown


Testing proprietary synthetic peptide immunogens for active immunisation against tau protein

Dr Jennifer Dewing


Evaluating the expression of the enzyme stearoyl-CoA desaturase (SCD) in neurodegenerative disease.

Maureen Gatherer


Investigating the link between loss of perivascular innervation by cholinergic neurons and cerebral amyloid angiopathy.

Recent collaborators:

Silvia Fossati – Temple University

Gregory Bix – Tulane University

Mark Slevin – University of Medicine Targu Mures Romania

A tribute to the late Roy O. Weller:


It is with great sadness that we report the death of Roy O. Weller, BSc MD PhD FRCPath, Emeritus Professor of Neuropathology, Faculty of Medicine, Southampton University, UK on the morning of August 23rd 2022. Roy started his medical career with his MBBS obtained from Guy’s Hospital Medical School in 1962 and his pathology career after gaining his FRCPath in 1982. He was Professor of Neuropathology and Consultant Neuropathologist in Southampton University Faculty of Medicine and Southampton University Hospitals Trust 1973 – 2003.

Amongst many different leadership roles, he was proud of his time as President of the BNS 2001-2002 and Editor in Chief of Neuropathology & Applied Neurobiology (1989-1999). He has published over 200 peer reviewed manuscripts with innovative research and working hypotheses in neuroimmunology and cerebrovascular biology. Roy has inspired many colleagues and has mentored and trained numerous clinical neuropathologists and experimental neuroscientists. His research has always been meticulously attentive to detail and encouraging scientists to “not believe everything you read, just find out for yourself”. His forward-thinking, optimistic nature will be missed.

Read Roy’s autobiography

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